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Gerald James Alred is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and internationally known as author of numerous articles and books that reflect his scholarly and teaching interests. "Bridging Cultures: The Academy and the Workplace" reflects lectures (see photos and text) he presented in Hannover, Germany.

His most important articles include "Essential Works on Technical Communication" in the 50th Anniversary Issue of Technical Communication. "'We Regret to Inform You': Toward a New Theory of Negative Messages" was selected for the Bedford Bibliography, and "Are Textbooks Contributions to Scholarship?" was published in College Composition and Communication. His article "Teaching in Germany and the Rhetoric of Culture," published in the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, was based on his interest in cross-cultural studies and his experiences as Guest Professor at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. At Giessen he taught courses in the theory, practice and pedagogy of business and technical writing. He commented on technical writing and the humanities in the Giessener Anzeiger, a regional newspaper in Germany (translation).

His books include The Business Writer's Handbook (12th edition ©2019), Fortune and Book-of-the-Month Club selections, the Handbook of Technical Writing (12th edition ©2019), and The St. Martin's Bibliography of Business and Technical Communication. His other books with Macmillan Learning include The Professional Writer: A Guide for Advanced Technical Writing, Writing That Works, and The Business Writer's Companion. He coauthored Business and Technical Writing: An Annotated Bibliography of Books, 1880-1980 with Scarecrow Press and Writing from A to Z with McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.

Gerald (Jerry) Alred received the prestigious Jay R. Gould Award for "profound scholarly and textbook contributions to the teaching of business and technical writing" from the Society for Technical Communication. He was a Founding Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Business and Technical Communication and Associate Editor of the Journal of Business Communication for qualitative, historical, and theoretical submissions. He co-founded an institutional partnership between the University of Applied Sciences and Arts at Hannover, Germany, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His biography appeared in Marquis' Who's Who and Who's Who in Academia.

In 2009, he developed the website and worked with Wright State University to preserve and make widely available the music and history of the Inland Children's Chorus of which he was a member from 1951 to 1959.

Favorite Inland Children's Chorus Selections

Adoration of the Magi from Ben Hur (Rózsa) ~ Produced 1964
Ave Maria (Abt) ~ Produced 1960
Blue Bird of Happiness (Harmati) ~ Produced 1966
Danny Boy (Weatherly) ~ Produced 1960-2
Deep in My Heart (Romberg) ~ Produced 1946

Gloria In Excelsis Deo (Mozart) ~ Produced 1960
God So Loved the World (Stainer) ~ Produced 1962
The Green Cathedral (Hahn) ~ Produced 1947
The King and I - medley (Rodgers) ~ Produced 1957
O Divine Redeemer (Gounod) ~ Produced 1954

O Quam Suavis Est (Yon) ~ Produced 1962
Onward Christian Soldiers (Sullivan) ~ Produced 1960-2
Over the Rainbow (Arlen) ~ Produced 1947
Panis Angelicus (Franck) ~ Produced 1959
Popule Meus (Victoria) ~ Produced 1954

The Rangers' Song (Tierney) ~ Produced 1946
The Rose (Huron Indian carol arr. by Cross-Wilson) ~ Produced 1963
Sanctus (Gounod) ~ Produced 1961
Song of Love (Romberg) ~ Produced 1945
The Sound of Music (Rodgers) ~ Produced 1962

Stardust (Carmichael) ~ Produced 1946
Stouthearted Men (Romberg) ~ Produced 1947
Till There Was You (Willson) ~ Produced 1960-2
V'shom'ru ("Jewish evening prayer") (Federlein) ~ Produced 1959
Were You There? (trad. spiritual arr. by Wilson) ~ Produced 1958
Evening Prayer (Humperdinck) with real-time march off stage ~ Produced 1960®E-mail ContactWebsite Search