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We are former members and friends of the Inland Children's Chorus who first met in June 2009 with the goal of preserving and making widely available the history and music of the Chorus. For more, see the media fact sheet and write to

Inland Children's Chorus Collection

Meetings of Chorus Members and Friends
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WSU Launch Photos 2010 WSU Luncheon Photos 2011 WSU Luncheon Photos 2012 WSU Luncheon Photos 2013

Wright State Agreement - 2010

Luncheon Photos - 2011

Luncheon-WSU Photos - 2012

Luncheon Photos - 2013 |


MCL Luncheon Photos 2014
Luncheon Photos

Video1 Screenshot
Luncheon Video



MCL Luncheon Photos 2015
Luncheon Photos

Video2 Screenshot
Luncheon Video


MCL Luncheon Photos 2016
Luncheon Photos

Video3 Screenshot
Luncheon Video



MCL Luncheon Photos 2017
Luncheon Photos

Video4 Screenshot
Luncheon Video


MCL Luncheon Photos 2018
Luncheon Photos

Video5 Screenshot
Luncheon Video


See the May 2010 Dayton Daily News article on the initial meeting at Wright State University to establish the Inland Children's Chorus Collection and partnership with this website. See the August 2013 feature in the Dayton Daily News tracing the development of this project. Mark your calendar for the next luncheon and exhibit on April 27, 2019.

Website and Project Contributors

Thanks to those listed below who have generously contributed materials and assistance for this website and project. Years of Chorus membership are included for former members if known.

Gerald (Jerry) Alred [1951-1959] Kelly Elliott, Bishop's Art and Framing Matt Phelan [1936-1943]
Janice Ruth Alred Richard C. Hay Phyllis (Denlinger) Phillips [1936-1945/53]
Norma (Tunney) Austin [1944-1952/53] Gary Holland [1959-1962] PhotoGraphic Services (Leo Tseng)
Charles J. Bach Elizabeth (Kulhanek) Hollis [1957-1965] Nancy (Hamden) Provost [1951-1959]
Joanne (Gaeke) Bilderback [1959-1967] Dan Hoover [1955-1961] Diana C. Reep
Mary Blake [1960-1966] Bill Howe, Audio Restoration Dolores (Kulhanek) Rehling [1960-1968]
Diann (Thomas) Brown [1958-1965] Frank Hubbard Ronald Rehling [former member]
Jerry Brown [1948-1956] Elaine (Ott) Humfleet [1958-1961] Linda (Kidd) Schafer [1955-1960]
Richard Brown John F. (Jock) Hussong [1945-1950/53] Jacqueline (Huber) Schmalhofer [1950-1958]
Jamie Bruggeman Nicholas A. Hussong [1950-1959] Michelle Schoenecker
Barbara (Brun) Bruns [1962-1970] Susan (Gmaz) Jones [1957-1964] Cynthia and Warren Sommer
Charles (Ted) Brusaw Joyce (Gaeke) Kordik [former member] Rachel Spilka
Janet M. Carleton Jim Lehman [1943-1945] Sally Stanton
Helen (Dagley) Clark [1937-1943] Rebecca J. Littman James Thomas [1955-1960]
Larry Coblentz [1959-1966] Mary Lou (Westbrock) Lubinski [1947-1956] Paul Thomas [1963-1969]
Patricia (Carolus) Compton [1959-1963] James Mahle [1951-1953] James Tunney [1940-1944]
Thomas Connair [1937-1943] Barbara (Kronenberger) Marsh [1963-1970] Virginia (Mauch) Wade [1941-1949]
Philip L. Copeland Darlene Martin Sondra (Fella) Wagner [1947-1951]
Robert Drerup [1957-1959] Elizabeth Medisch [1938-1940] Frances (Kulhanek) Walker [1958-1966]
Michael Eifert [1956-1962] Tom Meyer [1952-1955] Barbara Wenzler [1945-1954]
Mary Anne (Huber) Federspiel [1947-1952] Fred Moore [1941-1947] Shelley Weston, Framers Workshop
Ronald Filburn [1947-1951] Susan (Neu) Murley [1952] LaDonna (Beatty) White [1941-1944/53]
Linda (Hoover) George [1952-1960] Lucille (Batter) Neu [1936-1937] Shirley Whiting [1944-1948/53]
Teresa (Tunney) Guernsey [1953-1955] Mary (Mastbaum) Pfeiffer [1957-1962] Dennis Whitman
Peter Wine, Media Moments

If you wish to help or donate materials, please write to

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